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Yasuní Kichwa Ecolodge


- Arrival and departure from Coca on canoe

- 2 night accommodation  with full board in community

- Community guide

- Walks and tours as per itinerary

- Yasuni National Park entry.


Yasuní also represents our need  to protect . . . our solidarity with nature;  of thinking beyond our human  world and understanding that we are  an integral  part of a greater  whole. Yasuní Kichwa Ecolodge Staying with us  is  not only an  opportunity  to experience  a  deep  and  unique  natural adventure,  but a place  to unwind  and  enjoy to the  fullest, with exquisite  culinary  examples of Ecuadorian Amazonia.

With 12 ample and comfortable cabins, the lodge accommodates a total of 36 people, distributed in

suites,   doubles  and  triple  rooms.  Our  fully equipped  cabins  feature   electricity,  security  box, ventilation water and a private bathroom,  with a balcony and hammock  surrounded by beautifully groomed  natural  gardens. The restaurant, serving  local, national  and  international  food, has  a maximum capacity of 50 people.

At Yasuní  Kichwa Ecolodge,  we  place  all  our  efforts  at  granting  you an  unforgettable   jungle experience,  far from the troubles  of modern-day life, where  you will be sure  to find solace  and relaxation amidst singing birds, while experiencing  the ageless customs,  traditions and legends  of the Kichwa culture.

Añangu Kichwa Community.- Activities at Yasuní National Park  and  Añangu are  coordinated  by members of the local Kichwa community and it is important that their rules  of conduct and ethics be respected.


Hikes. - Our programs include easy and medium intensity walks and hikes in order to observe the

wildlife and nature of the area; more difficult hikes and longer programs can be arranged.

Birdwatching. - These activities usually last 2 hours and are carried out in the morning at around 6


Rowing.-  Small  canoe  navigation  is  carried  out  on  rivers,  streams and  small  lagoons;  larger canoes  are used  to navigate the Napo River and are included in our routine activities, all of which feature community and naturalist  guides.

Swimming.- Swimming is safe when carried out at sites your guide have suggested.

Food.- Food service is based on combining local, national and international cuisine. The varieties of exotic fruits and organic products  are a special. Hot beverage  such as tea or coffe is available all day.


Waste Management. - All waste is classified and separated into organic and non-organic.

Alternatively or Solar  Energy. -  Through solar  panels  are  devices  that  use  the  energy  of solar radiation used  to generate electricity by photovoltaics implemented  in the community and Yasuni Añangu Kichwa Ecolodge from this year becoming a sustainable tourism and management model.

Biogas. - Is a fuel gas generated in natural media reactions  biodegradation of organic matter by the action of microorganisms in the absence of oxygen, implemented  in the community  and Yasuni Añangu  Kichwa  Ecolodge  this  year   from  becoming   a  instead   of  sustainable  tourism   and management model to replicate the benefit of nature.


When you start  your trip we ask  inorganic  deposit  all trash  you generate while visiting places

established, the idea is not to pollute and be yourself who support  us trash  back to its source  and not create a greater  burden on the community thus contributing to environmental  education in the world.

• Always ask and act in accordance to what community and naturalist  guides say.

• Stay on established trails; do not hike alone  at the risk  of getting lost. Do not throw waste  on trails. Always use designated  bins.

• Do not feed, disturb or touch the animals. Do not step on or cut plants or flowers.

• If you use sound-emitting devices, please use earphones.

• Hunting and fishing are not allowed on the premises.

• Access  to  community  homes,   or  taking  pictures   and  making  videos  is  restricted   (request permission in advance if necessary)

• Passport or I. D.

• Suitcase or backpack

• Knapsack for daily excursions


• 2 pairs of pants that will dry quickly

• 3 or 4 cotton t-shirts or long-sleeve shirts.

• 1 pair of socks for every day in the jungle.

• Underwear

• Shorts

• 1 light sweater or jacket.

• Hat or cap

• Swimsuite.

• Sunglasses, with retainer.

• 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes

• Batteries

• Insect repellent and sunscreen

• Plastic bottle for water

• Small lantern (mining-type head gear is recommended)

• Sandals for use at the lodge. Hat or cap.

• Sunglasses. Swimsuit (if you would like to swim)

• Extra cash and small change for the bar and souvenirs.

NOTE: There is a 20 kg per person limit on the airplane. If your baggage exceeds this limit, you will be charged by the airline.



NOTE: This is a sample  itinerary, subject to change due to climate and security conditions and interests or groups Changes and additions will be made in order to maximize wildlife sightings,  cultural exchange and community with the stay in a biologically rich region such as the Yasuni National Park.

Please  contact us to customize your itinerary and address in order to their Interests make this an unforgettable

experience  in the Ecuadorian Amazon.



Kichwa mythology reveals  situations,  characters, thought  forms  pass  a

couple, seeking, choose locations to proceed with the founding of towns Knowledge of energy sites is common in communities,  its people, children, youth, seniors,  the water and the life that inhabits it holds great secrets and for a Kichwa Pure Life water is




Day 1

Yasuní Kichwa Ecolodge is located on the south bank of the Napo River, the largest  Ecuadorian tributary of the Amazon, and lies within the Yasuni National Park. The journey begins from the town of Coca on comfortable motor-operated canoes, which travel down the river about two hours; during this time refreshments will be provided. You will see  birds such as herons,  kingfishers,  terns and other Amazonian shorebirds as well as beautiful riverside landscapes.


Upon  arriving  at  Yasuní  Kichwa  Ecolodge,  visitors  are  warmly  welcomed   with  a  refreshing   traditional  drink  and immediately taken to their cabins amidst  the teeming wilderness found on one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth.

In the afternoon, enjoy a short  walk down to the Napo riverbank to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beaches and natural

islands.  Return for dinner and rest.


Day 2


Breakfast and early departure on board the boat to visit an amazing parrot clay lick that with an easy access  brings visitors

face to face with approximately 11 species  of parrots  (incuding parrotlets and macaws), depending  on the seasons,

weather conditions and general  good fortune. (This activity is usually successful).

We end this morning with a visit to the “Kuri Muyu” Interpretation Center run by the women of the community. Here we offer the chance to get to know the Kichwa culture, their crafts, traditions and use of natural resources directly with people from the community.

We return for lunch and rest at the lodge.

In the afternoon, walk towards the Añangu stream to visit environments including wetland, upland forest and seasonally

flooded forest.

Once at Añangu stream you will board a small canoe and head down the river in a spectacular adventure through the forest with opportunities to see nightlife alligators and to listen to the sounds  of nature at its purest.

Return to hotel in motorized canoes, Traditional typical dinner.


Day 3

(Optional) We get up at 4: 30 am to share  one of the ancient customs  of the Kichwa culture, making wayusa to energize the body listen to the kichwa songs and mind and think about important issues in a peaceful and unique way; then we get back for breakfast,  before taking a motorized canoe back to the city of Coca.


- Meals and drinks not described  in the itinerary

- Tips




3 Days & 2 Nights       614 USD (in simple accommodation) *


3 Days & 2 Nights      498 USD (in double accommodation) *


3 Days & 2 Nights      434 USD (in triple accommodation) *


Additional Night 109 USD (regarding to a double or triple accommodation) *


* Prices subject to change 







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